Flower delivery for legal entities by bank transfer in Krasnoyarsk.

Do you want to order flowers as a jur. person with payment from a current account in Krasnoyarsk?

Flower delivery by bank transfer to legal entities
Ordering by bank transfer is easy!

Would you like to order flowers right now? - just select a bouquet on Floristum.ru in Krasnoyarsk, and on the order page, select the payment method "Bank transfer for legal entities", fill in the details and an agreement will be sent to your mail instantly and billed.

Prefer to conclude an agreement in advance and order flowers on a prepaid basis? - please write to us about your intentions: corporate.floristum.ru/en or call: 8 800 600-54-97.

An assortment of bouquets at the prices presented on the site is offered as public flower offer for legal entities.

Get acquainted with the range of bouquets for Jur. persons in Krasnoyarsk

  • Flower delivery {city}. Buy designer bouquets of flowers
  • Classic mono bouquets
  • Flowers in boxes
  • Flower baskets
  • Toys and souvenirs
  • Fruit baskets and compositions
  • Candy and Confectionery
  • VIP Bouquets

    Advantages of working with Floristum.ru in Krasnoyarsk for legal entities
    (commercial offer for flowers with delivery):

  • Delivery of flowers and bouquets

    Bouquets with delivery day to day in Krasnoyarsk and any city in Russia under a single agreement.

    Having concluded one contract, you can order flowers and gifts to any city in Russia where Floristum.ru operates, and these are hundreds of settlements in which your clients and colleagues live!

  • Payment of flowers from the account of the organization.

    A simple automatic billing system from LLC "FLN" (Floristum.ru) to the details of your legal entity, through the order form of the bouquet. There is no need to write, call and forgive an account, the system will invoice itself to the email address you specify.

  • Thousands of bouquets available at Floristum.ru in Krasnoyarsk!

    Order delivery from any city to any city in Russia! All you need is to indicate the city, choose the appropriate bouquet of flowers and specify the parameters for delivery.

  • Low cost of bouquets.

    Floristum.ru is a resource where flower shops and wholesale companies offer their professional bouquets and compositions. When making a purchase here, you can be sure that you will get a great bouquet from professionals at an attractive price.

  • One contract for ordering from thousands of flower shops.

    By concluding one contract, you get the opportunity to purchase flowers from five thousand outlets. The portal has a really huge selection of bouquets for every taste. Imagine - more than a hundred thousand. And you can buy them in two clicks. You just need to enter your details in a convenient form, in the future they will be added to the order form on the machine.

  • Protection from scammers and low-quality services.

    When ordering and paying for services via the Internet, it’s not difficult to get into the tricks of scammers and wasting your money, or simply buying a low-quality service. The portal Floristum.ru has a customer protection system. Until your order is completed, the florist will not receive money for it. This guarantees the quality of the work performed, security of settlements and a 100% guarantee of the return of funds to the client.

  • Closing documents without hassle.

    Another advantage - documents closing the transaction are sent to your accountant without reminders automatically. Forget about collecting checks, scans, reports for purchases. Now, you simply receive the originals to your mailing address and scans by email. It is simple and very convenient!

We do not have extra charges when paying from a current account.

Prices for flowers are the same as for physical. persons:

Classic mono bouquets

Flowers in boxes

Flower baskets

Fruit baskets and compositions

VIP Bouquets

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2900 Bouquet of 7 delicate roses

Delivery speed  in 2 hours 30 minutes

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