How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

1. Your flower from scratch and without a deductible.

The idea to open a flower shop has been visited more than once by a person whose passion for floristry has long grown into a professional activity out of a simple love of flowers. So I always dreamed about this.

Back in the 90s, I decided to organize a flower business and opened my first flower stall. The idea was a success, and later it was possible to repeat the success with the store in the USA. Soon I had several outlets that brought good income. I think my experience of successful small business is useful to many. In this online blog, I will reveal a few secrets on how to open your own little shop, which brings pleasure from the activity you love and a monetary reward for your efforts.

How did I do it? Firstly, there was a great desire and faith in one's own strength. Secondly, love for what I do. Thirdly, the desire to create fancy flower arrangements for flower delivery and sales within the walls of the store, the desire to realize their creative ideas and share them with others. My persistence in overcoming difficulties, the desire to get what I wanted, helped me achieve success. I hasten to share with you the experience of moving from a dream to opening your own flower business.

Like any other hobby, love of flowers involves investing money and takes a lot of time. Gradually, it becomes a habit, everyday activity becomes routine, a sense of novelty is lost. This process is inevitable, it remains only to reconcile with the situation. But the conversation is not about that.

Gradually, a simple interest in floristry turns into a real passion, captivating, enticing and absorbing in its entirety and without a trace. Family members do not remain aloof from this process. Flower magic captivates everyone who is at least somehow involved in the process. Involvement cannot be avoided and soon all family members strive to work together to develop a common cause.

One must be prepared to change the way of life itself. Anyone who has decided to open a flower business already has at least a little experience in floristry. In any case, the desire to sell flowers does not arise from scratch, although this may happen. But this is in most cases an exception than the rule. In addition, the days when simple sales of bouquets brought huge profits have long sunk into oblivion. The modern flower market is full of diverse products, and it alone does not cause excitement and unimaginable interest. People are attracted to customer-oriented service, an individual approach. All these points must be taken into account, and sales are well planned.

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