How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

23.1. The correct purchase of goods in a flower shop.

Choosing the right product that will also be in demand among customers is not an easy task. You need to see a clear picture of how it will be sold. This means that the color of the assortment must also be entered in the list, in what season of the year, which flower product will be sold, and what common theme will combine it.

You need to consider the color of related products. My advice is to purchase the same amount of white, black and glass vases. They can be advantageously placed different flower products, so they make up the basic basis. These colors fit into even the most ambitious of interiors. Having this base, you can gradually buy other goods of a different color, small cards, gifts for customers, products for flowers in pots (soil, fertilizers for plants, top dressing, and so on).

Requisite goods

This item has been purchased specifically for use in your flower shop. But he not only performs a decorative function, but also is sold. It is desirable that everything that is inside your store is also sold and has its own price tag.

I will tell you in more detail what I mean.

A mannequin can be a props, which can be dressed up in different outfits according to the topic that you are trying to beat with it to increase flower sales. For example, it can be a wedding theme, then you can use two mannequins at once - a man’s and a woman’s and dress them in a wedding dress and a suit and put them in the window of your store. On their background you can place bouquets and floral arrangements offered for wedding parties, and a bridal bouquet. 

Old items, home furnishings and utensils can also serve as a sold props. These include old chests, sewing machines, window frames, false windows, shoes, bags, fur coats, coats, hats, a drum, a chair, a chest, a reticule, a bench, an ottoman, a picture, a grandfather clock, mirrors and other interior items.

In the window of a flower shop, I noticed a whole bed, which the florists turned into a platform for an exhibition of bouquets and accessories. With the help of such props, you can show your individuality, which customers always like. Few people will be interested in a faceless counter on which cut flowers in glass vases are simply arranged. 

Even in cold stores, you can put props, attracting customers. Sometimes such goods are not bought from suppliers, but in flea markets. Its unusualness will add zest to your store and will surprise customers. 

I advise you to use no more than 20% of such goods in the store. Its function is to attract and create an atmosphere, work for the prestige of the owner. But props should not distract from the main product.

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