How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

6.2. How to choose a school of floristry?

It is worth exploring the work of all of the foregoing masters and choosing what you like. Then your only task will be to get at least once to the seminar of this florist.

Each of the most popular masters has a blog on social networks or even a whole site, by visiting which you can familiarize yourself with the compositions.

In Russia, there are also highly qualified specialists and masters, with their creative activities and professional skills you can familiarize yourself.


study our Russian masters. There is a lot of information on the Internet, try to get to at least one lesson;

order literature on floristry and botany from special sites, it is convenient and does not require large expenditures of energy;

read the latest publications on our flower;

subscribe to the popular magazine Flowers. This magazine was invented not only for entertainment, but also for training. Here is a lot of useful information on how to care for plants, what is now in fashion, what is in demand and much more:

assemble magnificent a flower arrangement is impossible without inspiration, and you need to draw it from somewhere, so I suggest you choose a master from the popular ones, study not only his activities, but also his country of residence, city, and leisure. How he lives, what else he does besides work, perhaps you will understand where he takes inspiration from to create new bouquets;

acquired knowledge must be repeated and taught again and again. Repetition is the mother of learning! Therefore, you need to start your long journey in the profession of a florist only from a high level, that is, from those masters who have already achieved world fame and success. You need to follow them, you need to take an example from them. This will help you to achieve even greater success in the future, earn money, and perhaps become famous throughout the country.

Before you pack your bags and hit the road to your dream, that is, to the school of floristry, you need to not only choose a master, but also attend at least one open lesson or seminar. Try to find his former students and find out their opinion about the teacher, how he provides information, is he competent and stress-resistant, because to teach people is a nervous and complicated matter. In general, to go somewhere you need to be sure that you will not run away the next day, that time will not be wasted and you will get what you came for.

When I had the opportunity to go to study, I knew exactly which school provides the best education in the field of floristry. I knew that there are highly qualified masters and teachers who set an example for a new generation. I was not afraid to go to America, I went to my dream and was ready for anything, but are you ready?

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