How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

6.1. How to choose a school of floristry?

Choosing a school today is not as difficult as it was before. Each educational institution has a website where you can get acquainted with the training program, as well as with the works of florists who give knowledge to their students.

In order not to get into the glaze, it is worthwhile to study in detail the portfolio of the specialist to whom you intend to go. It is better to select several teachers and compare their level of knowledge. All information about them can be found on the Internet, and if not, you should not go to such a thing.

If you take courses, then I advise you to study offline, then you do not have to overpay. Online courses are too narrow and do not provide such a baggage of knowledge as a master florist, therefore it is better to communicate with a professional directly.

On my long way of training and development, I did not meet a single florist who spoke negatively about courses and schools of floristry, not a single person regretted having received such an important education for work and business. Due to his knowledge, a professional has his own well-known and popular name; there is no such florist who, without experience and knowledge, has achieved popularity and success in the flower business.

Masters of floristry. Who to learn from.

It is worth remembering that, first of all, floristry is an art, and only then everything else. If you decide to work in this area and get the necessary knowledge, you need to take an example from someone.

In floristry, there are famous teachers who have an excellent rating and trowels are engaged in floral crafts. These are people with huge conquered peaks behind them, they are happy to do what they love. Floristics - this is their life. To such masters I can refer Gregor Lersh. He is a German popular florist. He has long won the attention of all connoisseurs of flower business, and is the author of several books on floristry. According to the method developed by him, people from different parts of the earth are trained.

Also among the professionals in the field of floristry I can include:

Thomas de Bruyen;

Monique Van Den Berge;

Per Benjamin;

Daniel Ost;

Eli Lin and others.

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