How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

13.1 Flower shop staff

Any spending in the store and on the store should be reasonable and important. Losing money without an accurate and big income is not profitable, so all checks, orders, payment accounts (gasoline, tea, sweets, lights, water, etc.) should all be stored in a separate folder or in a table under the lock, so that you at any moment they could find out where 1000 rubles disappeared. When you start to keep notes and consider where you spend money, you will be surprised that you will have an extra penny.

All the important costs, for example, the office and the means to care for common areas, can be calculated for each month - this will simplify life, as well as help to save, knowing what and how much to budget.

You can teach staff to approach the issue of squandering wisely, for example, give them the opportunity to independently familiarize themselves with spending for a month, and then, perhaps, they will turn off the light if there is no need for it. It’s also worth it to get them to collect all receipts for small needs and put them in a shared folder.

Do not forget that you can only reach your goal by applying huge resources of your own to this. Only you can achieve the desired result.

I recommend working in my store myself. Firstly, it will give you the opportunity to earn a good reputation and a famous name. You are the face of your store, you have experience as a florist, you are a creative person and you work YOURSELF - it is worthy of respect and praise. Your customers should know your name, they must remember that it was you who sold them the perfect composition of flowers and gave them a good mood. Do you know your hairdresser by sight? Or a dentist? So here, you should be recognized, so you earn yourself positive feedback.

Secondly, you can develop the ability to sell your product. Floristics and trade in modern society are directly related, you can be an excellent florist who is immersed in the creation of bouquets and takes great care of flowers, but at the same time receive 10.000 rubles a month, because making a book and selling it are different directions. It is necessary to combine both of these qualities, then the business of sale and delivery of flowers will go uphill. Running a business is difficult, but you have to master it!

In my store, I recommend that you work independently, but if you initially decided to hire people to work, it’s worth calculating: how much a salary of a good florist will cost in a year, how many employees are needed in your store. Also consider that you need to hire additional staff: a cleaning lady, a driver, an accountant, etc. in case something happens to you, for example, an illness, you must have a specialist who can replace you during your absence. When you figure out the numbers, then you will understand what to do next. You will be limited by some budget, therefore, calculations are simply necessary, otherwise you can stay, as in a fairy tale, with a broken trough. In general, the issue of money is extremely important in building your own business.

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