How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

13. Flower shop staff

When a person is busy searching for tools to fulfill his dreams, he completely forgets about himself. Therefore, it is worthwhile to stop at once, take a deep breath, go into a cafe and drink a cup of tea. At this point, I recommend asking myself the question: How much do I want on flower shop earn a month?

The answer to this question is best written down in order to focus on it in the future. Now calculate how much profit you want to have for the year, for this you need to multiply your number by twelve. Do not be afraid to dream!

The main thing is to set a goal in numbers, this gives more understanding of what you need to strive for and how to come to this.

In order to achieve the goal you need to calculate how much profit should be per day, per month. And also it is worth considering the approximate cross-country ability, so that there is such a profit.

For example, if the store has an average check of 600 rubles per person, and 15 people come in a day, is that enough to pay the rent, taxes, and put aside a little? And you can provide such a cross from the first day of the flower salon?

And you also need to calculate how many flowers (in pots and without) you need to sell in order to earn money to pay all bills. This is called to draw up a business plan, it describes in detail what and how to do, and most importantly when and why!

Next, you will have to plan and purchase, that is, first it will happen as necessary, and then based on statistics that you compile during the store. 

An accountant will help you calculate the entire business plan; you can find it both on the Internet and among your friends.

Today, the salary of a good seller of a flower shop varies from 15.000 to 80.000. Salary directly depends on the ability of a specialist to sell a product, and on his education in the field of floristry.

Most workers do not care about how many checks a day need to be done and at what cost, they believe that this is the problem of the employer and he must take everything into account. In Russia, the usual practice is daily wages for employees. But my colleagues complain that their employees periodically steal.  

Their employees will have to convey information about what their salary is made up of. All this information should be transparent, then the person will understand what he is working for and what tasks he is facing. It is important, sometimes to encourage their employees, and sometimes to punish and explain why this is happening. Then the profit will grow, and the pay of the florists too, and with a good salary, no employee will steal, be afraid to lose a place.

Employees should understand that you are the boss and do more work, and also bear more responsibility, a priori your salary is higher than the salary of a full-time florist. 

Those who believe that the leader owes and is obliged to them, I advise you not to hire. It is necessary to teach your staff to rely only on themselves, to earn money according to the established scheme. As I worked, I got it, and if I got a little, I need to be offended not by my superiors, but by myself. Such a scheme is profitable and convenient.

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