How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

16.2 Choose a room for a flower shop.

3. Access to the store and free parking are another plus not only for your customers, but also for unloading goods. In addition, if you plan to develop in the future the service of delivering bouquets to customers at home, convenient parking near a point of sale will be an important condition for quickly completing an order.

4. Nearby outlets can help you promote your flower business. When choosing a place for your future store, walk around the neighborhood, look at the neighbors - who does what around you. Maybe the neighborhood with a cafe, restaurant or beauty salon will be of help to you. Check for yourself how many people visit these places, talk with the owners, perhaps you will advertise each other to your potential customers. You need to collect all the information yourself, no one will bring it on a silver platter. The development of your business is only in your hands!

All these factors are the minimum requirement for starting a flower business. The modern business world dictates its development conditions. 

Not so long ago, flower stalls were scattered around the cities - tiny pavilions without any amenities, where despondent sellers tried to palm off rare buyers with bouquets of chrysanthemums or carnations in mica packaging with a bow, and online ordering payment of bouquets by bank transfer completely absent. And also, remember, in the winter, somewhere on a shopping street, there were aunts in sheepskin coats and woolen shawls, and in front of them, roses froze in roughly knocked-together glass boxes with a constant burning candle inside? Such a flower business is leaving, it is being replaced by a civilized and professional one. Therefore, if you decide to take up this business, do not save on amenities. At work, we spend most of the time and it is very important that you and your employees are comfortable creating and making your dreams come true. Soon you will need hired workers, look for specialists in floristry, choose the best. Create them the conditions for work, creation and imagination. Be creative in developing your individual style, think about how you can stand out among competitors. Choose a room for your future store, taking into account all that we talked about today, take your time, look at different offers. The success of your future flower business also depends on how competently and carefully you approach the selection of the place where your outlet will be located.

In any case, one way or another you need to make a lot of effort and time in order for the flower shop and the bouquet delivery business to work and make a profit, BUT it's worth it!

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