How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

16.1 Choose a room for a flower shop.

Primarily room  inside the flower shop should be comfortable for those working in it:

1. Water supply and sewerage - a vital necessity for a flower shop. Do not convince the business owner of the need for such a prosaic place as a toilet and a sink with hot and cold water, is not it?

2. Sales area of ​​30 square meters - for a start, this is sufficient space, but over time, it may be necessary and more. In anticipation of various holidays - March 8, September 1, Teacher's Day - it is important that you have enough space to place ready-made bouquets and related accessories.

3. Necessarily need a warehouse - for flowers delivered from the base, and even better - a large refrigerator for storing flower arrangements. A small cold room with transparent doors right on the trading floor looks very advantageous, because the buyer will be able to verify the freshness of the goods and choose flowers to create a bouquet. 

4. A small workshop will also be convenient, where florists will create bouquets, arrange them, add different accessories. It is desirable that the workshop be fenced off from the trading floor, because creativity and space for imagination sometimes require privacy.

5. There is also a place for personal comfort of the staff - a kitchen where you can have a bite to eat during breaks and discuss pressing production issues with employees, books on floristry, accounting papers and personal items, and packaging and tools for winter and summer can be stored there flower delivery. We also need a wardrobe where workers can hide street clothes and change into work clothes.

What is important for your flower shop outside?

1. Large display cases or windows - this is ideal. Show your imagination, and you can arrange the windows so that they are your free advertisement. You don’t need to make an expensive light sign or hang a huge banner with the inscription “Flowers”, it’s enough to think over an interesting design of a shop window or windows so that people walking by will definitely want to come to your store. When arranging floral arrangements in storefronts, it is important to determine which side of the world the windows of the room go out to. If the sun, then you have to somehow shade them, but on the contrary - you may need additional illumination.

2. The second factor of convenience for the buyer is the entrance to the store. Everything is important here: stairs, railings, canopy over the entrance. Everything should be comfortable and safe for your future customers! If it is possible to place part of the goods on the street, this is wonderful, because in the warm season, bouquets and compositions will become another free advertisement for your business. The entrance group can be designed as part of a single stylized space. 

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