How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

27.1 To-do list

The development of the main idea, concept, choice of name is a must.

Determining the schedule of your store is a must.

Develop a business plan. Count all its points. Indicate who will do what and when, why, how much resources will be required, and so on. Hire an accountant and an economist if you can’t make a business plan yourself. Make an estimate for the year, indicating expenses and income - required.

Carefully research the market on your own regarding the choice of premises for your store using available resources (Internet, recommendations of friends, etc.). Will you work in your premises or will it be a rental? Carry out an analysis of the place where you will trade in floral goods, and conclude a rental agreement that is beneficial for you - it is mandatory.

Conduct an independent study of the market opportunities of the selected premises, determine what is the flow of customers (estimated or real) and with which you can attract customers - be sure. 

The availability of the necessary equipment, taking into account prices and opportunities, taking into account the choice of the place in which it will be located. Take into account the requirements of government agencies for the premises - make a list of everything necessary for a calm, confident work for three years - be sure. 

The presence of communication (Internet, telephone) and other communications in the room is required.

Once again check the list of all suppliers of equipment (cut, potted plants, packaging, barns, accessories and other assortment of goods) that you plan to purchase. Describe everything in detail with an indication of the region, city, country - required. 

The presence of a vehicle is desirable, but not paramount. In his absence, the car will have to be ordered. Make a plan for daily delivery of goods using a car with an indication of the day of the week, the time and the amount of money that you will have to spend - is mandatory.

A list of hired personnel (what, in what quantity, annual expenses) is mandatory.

Deadline for opening, indicating the time, day and year. This will be the starting point and will discipline you in the future and will help you focus on the process - certainly.

Registration with the tax office (individual entrepreneur or legal entity) and obtaining permission are required.

Life-Changing Sale

The task of the flower shop is to organize its activities in such a way that it can satisfy the needs of any customers, regardless of their social status and wallet size, to enable anyone to purchase flower goods. Even one flower sold will give someone joy.

I remember one day a poor young man came into my store and informed me that he wanted to buy a bouquet for his beloved. His money was enough for only one rose. I helped him choose the most beautiful, and told how to care for her, wrapped her in a beautiful package. The man thanked and left.

After some time, a couple shining with happiness came into the store. The girl told me that she knows that the best roses are sold in my store. I was pleased to hear that. The man said that they came to choose a bouquet of roses for their wedding. By the voice I recognized in him that of my old friend who had bought a rose. I accepted the order for the bouquet for the wedding day. The man thanked me for the service and said that the rose I bought stood for a whole week, and that this rose changed his whole life.

So the sale of just one rose, made with love and attention to the visitor, turned for me then with an expensive order of a huge bouquet. Flowers really have magical powers.

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