How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

17. Choose the motto (slogan) of the flower shop

Before starting your flower business, you need to think about what idea will be at its core and how it will be promoted. Think about what is the point in it, decide what its mission is.  

A flower shop requires a lot of effort, constant physical work, long working days, work without days off, cleaning dirt, garbage, unloading cars with flowers and loading finished bouquets, arranging flower pots and other goods. A lot of effort will need to be spent on dragging buckets of water, washing the rooms where the vases with flowers are placed, the vases themselves, the refrigerator, windows and doing other heavy exhausting and work.

Daily routine bothers, deprives forces, it seems that it has no end, no edge. There is a chance to forget what it was all intended for. In order not to lose meaning, not to give up, and not to abandon your business in the first year of work, you should think about the mission, decide on a vision and a motto. It will remind why everything was started and stimulate to continue activities. 

Finding specially designed questions will help you find an idea and a motto that will inspire. Answers to them will make it possible to determine what the concept is. flower shop and what is the best strategy for its development.


1. What is the purpose of my business?

2. What can I offer my customers?

3. Why do they like my store and what does it mean to them?

4. What feelings does it evoke and what is its uniqueness, zest, its value?

5. What is the message and what goals do I want to achieve?

6. What idea do I want to convey to my customers, and how can a store help me with this? What was it created for?

7. What do I plan to do in the future, and how do I see my store?

8. What feedback do I want to hear about my store?

9. When many years pass, and I will remember this moment, which will be especially expensive, can I be proud of what has been done?

Now it remains to take a piece of paper and write the answers to these questions on paper. Carefully read everything, comprehend, make squeezes and try to make your own motto out of them. Now it needs to be hung in the most visible place in the house, or at work, so that it is always in front of your eyes. The text can be placed in a beautiful frame, applied to a T-shirt in the form of a print, or even better - to learn the text by heart.

The most important thing is to develop your own idea that is not like anyone else's, and develop a plan for its implementation. Create an image of your individual flower world and make it attractive to other people.

The motto you need to say out loud every day and share your thoughts with sellers and buyers so that they imbued with the spirit of the ideas of your store. Everyone around must understand exactly what this business is for you, who you are in it, what you are, for what purpose you are doing it, and what you can give to customers.

There should be a firm belief that you and your flower shop are unique and inimitable, not like anything else.

Individually expressed thought-out concept, creative approach, originality of ideas will distinguish the store from other ones and make the business competitive. No one needs to copy - this is a failure. A business must create its own fascinating story.

Vivid pictures and clear images remain in memory for a long time, so you need to make the image unforgettable. If the store’s idea is thought out and original, it is attractive to others and easy to talk about. There are a lot of flower stalls and shops, so what else can conquer them with? Why will they come to you when they need flowers? And why would they want to come if they don’t really need flowers?

Description of the business concept captures everyone who is involved in it. The original idea makes routine work easier, so there’s already everything you need for this. When everyone understands what lies at the heart of a favorite business, making a decision becomes much easier.

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