How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

21. Choose equipment in a flower salon

How to properly plan the interior space?

All the tips that will be presented here are based on many years of experience, theoretical and practical knowledge of those who have been engaged in the flower business for many years. Of course, it is very difficult for a beginner to immediately find out what equipment he needs and in what quantity.

About specific amounts that you need to invest in order to start a flower shop and / or flower delivery, we will not talk here - this is a purely individual approach. Think independently of everything that is necessary, based on the following main rules.

The flower shop equipment should be:

1) functional - in size and shape it should correspond to the area of ​​the room

2) convenient for work - all the florist’s materials and tools should be at hand or could be easily obtained

3) mobile - for easy rearrangement and creation of new images.

The big plus of a small flower shop is its ability to quickly change the interior decor and decor according to your fantasies and ideas! Constantly creating a new mood, you will surprise and inspire customers, and this is necessary, because flowers are an emotional product.

Council. The furniture in your store should be light and on wheels. Then it will be convenient to move and rearrange. 

Creating a store concept begins with fantasy: imagine what furniture and equipment will be in color, size, design. Now take a pencil and on the floor plan draw where and what will stand. You may have to move imaginary furnishings several times in relation to the entrance and windows - this is normal. Do not forget about the convenience of aisles and zoning of the flower salon. When all the objects fit perfectly into the size of the room, you will know exactly what is needed in the first place, your professionalism and imagination will help in this.

Now you need to describe in detail each table, shelf or module, and think about whether you will buy ready-made furnishings or order their production individually. In any case, do not forget the golden rule: price-quality ratio. Consider what is more profitable for you at a price, not forgetting that furniture and equipment will work every day, which means they must be done honestly.

Choose desktops

Tip. The counter for cash registers, documents and a desktop should be steady. The counter can be made both stationary and moving - you decide on your own how it is more convenient, but the desktop is better to make with wheels for its easy relocation, but be sure to have a wheel stop so that it stays in place during operation.

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