How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

9. Hire a Florist or work yourself?

I would like to note that a person who understands and understands colors, with the formation of a florist, will not always be able to sell well, but a good seller is not always a florist. In modern society, it is necessary to be able to do both - such an employee will not have a price in the floristic business.

Most people, at first, like me, started with regular trading for profit. At that time, nobody cared about education; few people received special training. The main task was to earn and it does not matter how exactly to sell. I gained experience over the years, it was hard and long, but still I realized that you need to sell flowers based on knowledge, then it turns out well both from the point of view of aesthetics and from the point of view of economics - it is profitable!

I calculated that if you hire one employee and pay a rent of not more than 50 thousand per month, then the turnover should be about one and a half million per year from one employee. In this situation, one employee should work on a 2/2 schedule, the salon's profit should be from 5.000 to 10.000 per day per day, and from the first day of work. And do not forget that you have to pay taxes.

To create such a profit on a daily basis, you need to know and understand how to do it. It is always better to operate with numbers, so you need to make a business plan, you should contact an experienced accountant who will help you calculate everything. 

As a creative person, it was difficult for me to immediately begin to understand the business scheme associated with calculations and profits, but there was nothing to do, I decided to figure it out on my own. I advise you to deal with this issue, too, before you decide to open your store.

All that I described above is done so that you can understand that you need to open a business wisely, it’s worth approaching your business based on numbers, you open a flower salon not only to calm your soul, it should, as you please, so feed. 

When is it better to open?

 Having read the tips on the Internet, novice businessmen for some reason rush to open a store in March. Everyone thinks: "Women's Day, now trample!" I hasten to upset you - this is not always the case. From the experience of my colleagues and my own, I can say that the date of opening a flower shop does not matter if you have experience. Many who opened the store in March were burnt out. A sad event, which no one likes to remember, is rarely anyone who admits to having crashed.

Perhaps the opening of the store for the holiday on March 8 is not a bad idea, but in this case you should have a developed base of regular customers, few competitors, a good passable place - only in this case there will be a good start.

Even if you open a store in January, it is not a fact that by March 8 you will be able to acquire a large number of regular customers and earn a name for yourself, even in Moscow and even with additional services home delivery of flowers in Moscow...

I will tell you a case that happened with my acquaintance florist. He opened the store in January, made a huge purchase of flowers (roses and tulips) for February, hoping that on Valentine's Day he would be able to sell all these flowers, and he would invest the profit in the purchase by March 8th. As a result, he was able to sell only 20% of all the flowers that he ordered. He understands that roses will not survive until March 8, calls me with a question, what to do?

What can I advise in this case ??
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