How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

10. When to start a business and where to open a flower salon?

If I decided to open a store in Russia, I would open it in the summer. Summer is considered not a selling season; in summer, few people buy flowers. But, this season there is an opportunity to get better acquainted with the market, with customers, it is easier to store flowers, as the weather itself whispers. For flowers, the conditions are extremely favorable. Plus, opening a store in the summer, it is likely that by March 8 you will already be able to acquire a good reputation, they will know you, regular customers will visit you, and also recommend them to your friends. 

Another positive factor for opening a salon in the summer is many, many weddings. All buy flowers, beautiful large bouquets, you can make good money on this. 

You need to ask yourself a few questions before starting your own business:

What is important for opening a salon in any season?

What are the pros and cons of opening a store in a particular season?

How to use seasonal features to your advantage?

Are there any chips when opening the salon, for example in the fall? Or in the winter?

Here you will have to include all your wit and imagination. It is best to take a blank sheet of paper and prescribe from and to, all the nuances of the store in every season. You may have to introduce some kind of your own chips or tricks to attract the buyer. Selling flowers - just selling - this is not a big profit, ordinary daisies will surprise few people. But if you come up with something new, think it through to the smallest detail, attract public attention, then there is a chance to earn more, and also create a huge stream of buyers. 

No need to 100% believe everything that is written on the Internet. You need to turn on your head and think, think, think ... Perhaps for someone to open a small tent or pavilion 5 meters from the metro is a convenient and profitable way, but it most likely will not work for you, because all the places on the metro have been bought out for a long time and there is trade in full swing.

I would like to recall that in order to make money on flowers, it is necessary to open a salon in a crowded, well-traveled place. This is important, because where there are people, there will be more buyers. Those who opened their pavilions, for example, at bus stops, near the metro, at large shopping centers, are their strategy, they thought it over from the beginning, and you have to come up with something new, something that no one has come up with yet. 

To sum up: 

1. in order to open a business, in this case a flower shop, you need to be not only a good florist, but also learn how to sell, promote your ideas and your product.

2. It is extremely important to draw up a business plan; you will not be able to open a flower shop without calculating profit, taxes, losses, risks in advance. 

3. It is very important to analyze the market before opening. You need to choose the right place, see what and how competitors are, perhaps look for a place where there is less competition and good traffic.

4. Only interested and experienced people who can make a good composition and find a common language with the buyer should be hired. 

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