How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

22.3. Do you really need a refrigerator in a flower shop?

Often, they underestimate the possibilities offered by the night illumination of the store. On the streets of cities with the onset of darkness, pedestrian traffic does not stop, especially in the city center. Profitable, well-designed lighting attracts the attention of potential buyers. Moreover, at night the lights of shop windows can turn your store into an attractive magical place that they will remember. Luminous windows and windows always attract buyers with their beauty, and they are happy to look into them.

Entrance area

The place in front of the store should be well visible in the daytime and at night. Is there enough light in the entrance area? Should I place lighting there? Will the landlord be able to install fixtures there? All questions need to be clarified.

A well-lit entrance is an important part of the image. Dim light or its absence at the entrance to the store does not attract buyers and does not contribute to good trading. To light an entrance means to take care of your own profit.

Sign of flower shop, flower delivery

A noticeable sign is the key to success. The name of the store should be written so that it can be easily read. The font should be simple and clear, made in one color. The backlight should not blink and irritate the eyes. It is better to use the light directed at her that will make her stand out in the dark. All together - a properly designed sign, windows and shop windows will attract customers to visit your store.

The entrance area can be decorated with flowers, put an arch, decorative elements, use an unusual creative idea. The elegant appeal of the entire set of elements makes the store popular with visitors, including the design bouquets for delivery plays a small role. Huge banners and flashing lights, on the contrary, only repel and report the bad taste of the owner of the flower salon.

They also learn about a professional florist by a modest sign and will come to him from far away, wherever his store is located. Information about him is passed on to friends and acquaintances, word of mouth works in his favor, he has the longest lines for flowers. You can learn such skill if you constantly invest in your development, learn all the time and not stand still, then you can save on a signboard, your name will speak about you. A professional is always visible. The main thing is to love your job, be polite and prudent with customers, always learn and not stop there, then success and fame will come.

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