How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

22.2. Do you really need a refrigerator in a flower shop?

Refrigerators are based on the work of various split systems. You can choose one of them and install it in the store, after having studied the reviews of your fellow florists and air conditioning installation experts inside the premises intended for these purposes. Please note only that air conditioning adversely affects the health of people indoors. In order not to get sick, florists should not be exposed to jets of cold air. So before installing the split system, carefully study the information about the pros and cons of their use, study the experience of others and make a decision whether you will buy and install air conditioners in your flower shop.

Organization of lighting in the premises of the store - flower delivery

Looking for a rental room for storing flowers, pay attention to its lighting. It can be natural and artificial. The latter should be able to convert.

Even a person who does not have much experience will be able to understand whether there is enough light entering the room in the evening and whether it is possible to work in it. It is advisable to study the lighting standards developed for these purposes. If you cannot figure it out yourself, invite an electrician for advice.

On the trading floor

Depending on the area of ​​the premises, the trade area should be lit in accordance with standards and norms. All wiring, switches, lamps and fixtures must be in good condition. Questions about installing additional light sources are discussed with the landlord and electricians. You must have an accurate distribution plan of the fixtures in the room drawing. Electricians will need it to work. If you can’t make the built-in lights, you can ask the experts about the possibility of placing lamps on tripods or changing the initial layout of light sources.

In the working area

Above the desktop must be placed a light source. It’s more convenient to work on small order details.

Windows and showcase

The area of ​​windows and a showcase is given special attention. A well-lit flower shop window and delivery - the key to successful sales! You need to think about the design of the light of each window and display case, remembering that together they should look harmonious, find out the ability to install lighting in the upper and lower parts of the windows and how to install the lamps most economically and as efficiently as possible. Light is expensive, and round-the-clock lighting is even more expensive.

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