How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

25. Ambalage

In Russia, they do not attach the importance of ambiguity to that of other countries. However, this is a necessary and useful thing that helps to increase sales, it is profitable to present a flower product, maintain its quality, and organize excellent service. Ambalage, moreover, is also one of the most profitable elements of advertising.

What is a ramp? This is the name of the materials in which the goods are packed. I.e. in flower shop There should be packaging on which the logo of your store is applied. Usually this is roll wrapping paper in which a bouquet is wrapped. It is not used for beauty, but to ensure that flower bouquets retain their presentation in transportation from the point of sale to the place of delivery. The ambulation of bouquets and flowers in pots is caused by changing weather conditions, therefore, in order to keep the flowers fresh during transportation, they began to carefully wrap them with wrapping paper, so it was possible to avoid breakage of the stems and to prevent other damage. Service rose an order of magnitude higher, which buyers could not help but notice.

In the United States, florists use amber paper in almost every store. The buyer is made to understand that the bouquet wrapped in wrapping paper is better preserved. In addition, the logo printed on it is an investment in perspective. One way or another, the name of the flower salon that has been repeatedly seen is imprinted in memory for a long time and there is a chance that a satisfied customer will turn to your store many more times for flower goods. So you can save money on advertising. Advertising is always a costly undertaking, which cannot be dispensed with. Ambulage is just a wrapper for flowers, for which money is not taken from clients and an excellent advertising move by the owner of the flower business. On it you can make an excellent "horseback ride" when you open your flower shop.

It is even better when, in addition to the logo, the shipping packaging also shows the address of the organization selling flower bouquets and its telephone number. Any, even the most demanding customer will appreciate such a service when they deliver flowers to him in the storehouse with the contact details of the store, where he can call back at will and leave his wishes and express his gratitude. 

Ambalage - this is not only roll packaging, it is also plastic bags, silk and sulphite paper used for laying between bouquets during transportation, and three-layer waxed paper that helps to preserve flowers and protect them from frostbite in winter.

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