How to open your flower shop from scratch and without a franchise. (Book of Yelcheninov A.A.)

15. Ambalage.

If someone does not know, then the outfit is a package for transporting flowers, such a package does not crease and does not deteriorate, thereby preserving flowers during delivery in a decent and fit condition.

In Russia, they do not particularly bother about proper packaging. Flowers only in winter receive some protection during transportation. 

In the USA, they have long been using out-of-the-box ambulance when delivering flowers to a store, since this type of service is not developed in Russia, you can play well and attract the attention of the public, who will be interested in buying flowers that are not spoiled and of high quality. In the USA, by the way, all stores are engaged in amblanning, and if a beginner does not have such packaging, then customers will not go to him. Winter packaging looks beautiful, made of three-layer paper.

Amblage is an indicator, it is like the face of the whole company. People who love flowers always expect that their plant will be treated with soul and humanly. This means that if you offer, to a knowledgeable person, flowers without amblansing, then perhaps you will lose the buyer. And you can also make an advertisement for this, according to the principle of word of mouth. One bought, noted the quality of service and the nuances of work, and then came to work and told his colleagues. It is worth noting that you should not take money for packaging, this will ruin your good impression, but during a conversation with the buyer, you can note this point and say that far from all stores make the right packaging, and some generally don’t to your product. Employees also need to be taught how to pack goods.

Do not forget! If you had to borrow money from a credit institution to start your own business, then you need to pay both debt and interest on a monthly basis, so this should be shown as an additional cost per month in the business plan. As I said above, it’s better, of course, to rely on yourself and not get into debt, but since it so happened there’s nowhere to go — you’ll have to pay.

Everything that I described, noted and told will directly affect the prices in your store. The higher the rental, the higher the price of flowers. Therefore, all business issues must be approached carefully and with a bright head. We will come back to this part of the business description.

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