We invite flower shops to the site Floristum.ru

- new customers at no cost!

Floristum.ru provides effective tools to attract new customers to flower shops and florists at no cost.

Using the service is very simple:

  1. Register now.
  2. Download the bouquets to the system.
  3. Receive new orders.

Advantages of Floristum.ru:

  1. Registration and work in the system does not require any fees.

    You do not need to enter money into the system; moreover, the function of depositing funds is not provided.

  2. Simple registration

    which takes no more than a minute, and you can immediately upload your bouquets to Floristum.ru and receive new orders.

  3. Minimum requirements for the technical equipment of florists and couriers.

    All you need to work with the system and to complete an order is any phone, even the simplest push-button telephone. This is possible thanks to a simple ergonomic notification and order management system, built on SMS messages, which does not require installing applications on the phones of florists and couriers.

  4. Customer feedback in reviews.

    To increase sales, it is extremely important to understand how satisfied the customer is with flower delivery. Floristum.ru encourages each client to leave a review about the received bouquet.

You can sell bouquets on the site Floristum.ru, if:

  • You are ready to work as a legal entity by bank transfer.
  • You have your own delivery service or are a partner of any delivery services.
  • We agree with the commission of the system: 20% for bouquets, 10% for flowers individually.

We see our partner stores as follows:

Floristum.ru partners will definitely not leave their customers without flowers, they are also always polite and not afraid of any difficulties. Stores are aimed at constantly improving the quality of their work, the quality of service, and are ready to develop along with the portal.

We reward stores with good reviews:

At Floristum.ru, customers can leave feedback on how much they liked the work, how satisfied they are with the quality of delivery. They can also give an appropriate rating. According to statistics, more than half of customers do it. This forms the rating of shops and craftsmen. And on its basis, masters and flower shops Top-rated first appear in search results on the site.

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